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Thursday, December 4, 2008

PhD Surfing the information waves-Eindhoven University of Technology

The Eindhoven University of Technology has the following vacancy
PhD student on the project "Surfing the information waves: Finding, revealing, and evaluating information online" at the School of Innovation Sciences.

Job description
The Ph.D. student is expected to do research leading to a Ph.D. thesis in the project "Surfing the information waves: Finding, revealing, and evaluating information online". At the core of this project lies the question how people deal with the reliability of information on the Internet, to what extent the formal and informal mechanisms that facilitate reliable exchange of information offline have online equivalents, and to what extent new online mechanisms and tools are and can be developed to facilitate reliable information exchange.

Typical questions of interest are: How do people discern useful and reliable information from useless and unreliable information in online settings? How can users be motivated to provide reliable information and how can the provision of unreliable information be minimized? To what extent do the answers to these questions depend on the kind of online setting? For the project we anticipate doing research in several areas of application, such as medical information sites and groups, social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Plaxo, Xing, etc), and general economic and consumer sites, such as eBay, Amazon.

The candidate should have a Masters degree (or equivalent) in the social sciences (sociology, psychology, political or communication science), excellent knowledge and skills in quantitative methods of data analysis, and familiarity with new forms of online communication. Most of all, we are looking for someone with a natural curiosity with respect to online interaction of any kind. Knowledge about theories pertaining to the topic in (social) psychology or sociology would be an additional asset. The candidate should be proficient in English (speaking and writing).

The candidate will work at the school of Innovation Sciences at the Department of Technology Management at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL), at the Chair of Sociology of Technology and Innovation. Research interests in and around that chair generally include the way in which humans interact with technology and how that interaction can be improved, both from the user-level as from the level of policy- making. Additional information can be found at:

Conditions of employment
We offer a (full-time) Ph.D. position for 4 years. Gross salaries are in the range of EUR 28K gross per annum in the first year and EUR 35K during the fourth year and include attractive benefits (e.g. technical infrastructure, child care, sports facilities). A small teaching load can be part of the job.

Send your application or requests for further information by email to Prof. dr. C. Snijders (c.c.p.snijders `at´ The application should consist of a motivation for your application, and extended curriculum vitae, a description of your obtained scientific degree, and a list of courses and the grades you obtained for those courses.

The way to AMINEF in Gedung Balai Pustaka

American Indonesian Exchange Foundation
Balai Pustaka Building, 6th. Floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 4
Jakarta 10720, Indonesia

1. The buses which goes to Senen Bus Station all of them pass through Gedung Balai Pustaka. Especially which route is through Pasar Baru .

2. Bus Transjakarta, from Blok M you have to change the bus 2-3 times.
Way 1 : from Blok M change the bus in Dukuh Atas bus stop to the bus towards Pulogadung, then take a bus in Pramuka bus stop towards Ancol, this bus pass through Gedung Balai Pustaka. The closest bus stop (Budi Utomo) is about 800 meters from Gedung Balai .
Way 2 : From Blok M take the bus in the Harmoni Bus Stop, the bus towards Pulogadung, get down in Senen Bus Stop and walk about 800 meters, or from this bus stop take the bus towards Ancol and get down as mentioned in way 1. About the distance, this two bus stops is about the same. (It is better if you take ojek or bajaj from this bus stop to Gedung Balai Pustaka)

3. If you take taxi with old tariff (TL=Tarif Lama) from blok M with no traffic jam is about Rp. 30.000,00.

4. From Blok M use bus Patas AC 76. Gedung Balai Pustaka is in the right side, after you pass through Depag, and say to conductor "Balai Pustaka"

5. Use a busway from Blok M towards Kota, get down in Sawah Besar bus stop. From here take a Mikrolet M12 towards Senen. After cross road Wahidin and before senen get down and cross the street.

Living Cost in Germany

Living Cost in Germany is vary from city to city, but this is th case if you stay in Aachen, Germany
Student accommodation or private sharing : 180 - 230 euros per month
Food : 10 - 12 euros per day (if eating outside)
Transport for students : free within Aachen and until Koln and Dusseldorf in regional trains)

Living Cost In Austria

Living Cost in Austria is depending on the city, for example the Capital of Austria, Vienna:
- Dormitory is about 250-400 euro per month.
- Living Cost 200-400 euro per month.
- Transportation 128 euro per 4 months (student and age < 26), or 49 euro per month (ordinary)

For visa, it has to be a letter from the University/Scholl in Austria. It takes about 2-3 months.

Where to do GMAT Test

GMAT Tests are held in Jakarta, Indonesia :
1. EEC Slipi +62-21 5320044 or +62-215323176
2. Kaplan GMAT Preparation +62-81388908450, +62-21 5211588, +62-215211701 (Information abaout this test can be asked in that number)
3. Or this number +62-213159225

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