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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Postdoc in biostatistics

Job description:

Department of Biostatistics, Institute of Public Health, offers a new position as postdoc. The position is to be filled as soon as possible.

Department of Biostatistics offers teaching for undergraduate as well as for postgraduate students at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Department of Biostatistics conducts general biostatistical research and participates in research projects within epidemiological, clinical and health promotional research - in particular within methodological aspects of aging studies, twin- and family studies, fertility and human reproduction, human micro array expression, evaluation of clinical interventions, translational medicine, pharmaceutics, proteomics and sports science.

Your job

The applicant will be part of a research team in biodemographic studies of aging and longevity where the applicant will put special focus on biostatistical modeling of biomarkers of aging.
Part of your responsibility will be to do teaching at undergraduate as well as at postgraduate level within the Faculty of Health Sciences. At the moment the Department of Biostatistics offers courses in general biostatistical methods, analysis of repeated measurements, survival analysis and analysis of twin data. The position also requires research in biostatistics, including publication and scientific communication. The department has its focus on developing statistical methods that are at an international level and that solves real applied problems within health sciences and related areas. You will also take part in the departments biostatistical consulting service – in 2009 the department had more than 100 contacts with empirical researchers that needed statistical assistance. Some of these contacts lead to formal collaboration resulting in publications in international journals.

Your qualifications

Appointment as postdoc requires research and teaching qualifications corresponding to the level that can be achieved by a successfully accomplished appointment as PhD student, although it may be obtained otherwise. Appointees as postdocs are presumed to have a documented scientific production (at PhD level) as well as documented teaching qualifications.

Application, salary, etc.:

For further information, please contact Professor Torben Martinussen, e-mail:, Associate Professor, Jacob Hjelmborg, e-mail:, or Professor Jim Vaupel, email: We also recommend to visit our website – see the link below.

The position is limited to two years duration.

An expert committee, appointed by the university, will assess all applications, and the applicants will be individually informed of their assessment by the university.

Appointment will take place according to the agreement between the Ministry of Finance and The Danish Confederation of Professional Associations (AC).

The application must contain

• A cover letter
• A CV including relevant personal data and formal qualifications
• A complete and numbered list of publications
• up to 5 publications considered as the most important for this application and marked in the list of publications
• A teaching portfolio (see the link below)
• A brief summary of the most important research achievements and visions and plans for research in the position applied for.

For particulars, please see the links below "Instruction for applicants for academic posts".

The application – including relevant documents as mentioned above attached – must be marked “position no. 101058” and submitted as Word-doc.- or Adobe PDF-files to The Faculty of Health Sciences by e-mail to elohmann@health., Attn.: Office Manager Elisabeth Lohmann Andersen.

Deadline for the application is August 16, 2010, at 12 am

The University encourages all persons interested in the position to apply, regardless of their age, gender, religion or ethnicity.

Read more:
Department of Biostatistics
Instructions for applicants for academic posts at the Faculty of Health Sciences
Commets to instructions for applicants for academic posts

Closing date 16 August, 2010 at 12 noon
Location: Odense

Mark application Job ID 101058 and send it to:
pr. e-mail to

details in

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The way to AMINEF in Gedung Balai Pustaka

American Indonesian Exchange Foundation
Balai Pustaka Building, 6th. Floor
Jl. Gunung Sahari Raya No. 4
Jakarta 10720, Indonesia

1. The buses which goes to Senen Bus Station all of them pass through Gedung Balai Pustaka. Especially which route is through Pasar Baru .

2. Bus Transjakarta, from Blok M you have to change the bus 2-3 times.
Way 1 : from Blok M change the bus in Dukuh Atas bus stop to the bus towards Pulogadung, then take a bus in Pramuka bus stop towards Ancol, this bus pass through Gedung Balai Pustaka. The closest bus stop (Budi Utomo) is about 800 meters from Gedung Balai .
Way 2 : From Blok M take the bus in the Harmoni Bus Stop, the bus towards Pulogadung, get down in Senen Bus Stop and walk about 800 meters, or from this bus stop take the bus towards Ancol and get down as mentioned in way 1. About the distance, this two bus stops is about the same. (It is better if you take ojek or bajaj from this bus stop to Gedung Balai Pustaka)

3. If you take taxi with old tariff (TL=Tarif Lama) from blok M with no traffic jam is about Rp. 30.000,00.

4. From Blok M use bus Patas AC 76. Gedung Balai Pustaka is in the right side, after you pass through Depag, and say to conductor "Balai Pustaka"

5. Use a busway from Blok M towards Kota, get down in Sawah Besar bus stop. From here take a Mikrolet M12 towards Senen. After cross road Wahidin and before senen get down and cross the street.

Living Cost in Germany

Living Cost in Germany is vary from city to city, but this is th case if you stay in Aachen, Germany
Student accommodation or private sharing : 180 - 230 euros per month
Food : 10 - 12 euros per day (if eating outside)
Transport for students : free within Aachen and until Koln and Dusseldorf in regional trains)

Living Cost In Austria

Living Cost in Austria is depending on the city, for example the Capital of Austria, Vienna:
- Dormitory is about 250-400 euro per month.
- Living Cost 200-400 euro per month.
- Transportation 128 euro per 4 months (student and age < 26), or 49 euro per month (ordinary)

For visa, it has to be a letter from the University/Scholl in Austria. It takes about 2-3 months.

Where to do GMAT Test

GMAT Tests are held in Jakarta, Indonesia :
1. EEC Slipi +62-21 5320044 or +62-215323176
2. Kaplan GMAT Preparation +62-81388908450, +62-21 5211588, +62-215211701 (Information abaout this test can be asked in that number)
3. Or this number +62-213159225

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